How Important is Employer Branding for Your Company?
15 Mei 2023

How Important is Employer Branding for Your Company?

Each company has its own reputation, for example related to products, services, leadership style, teamwork, history, and others. Company reputation or branding, at a certain level will affect business performance. What's the realization like? This relates to the concept of employer branding. 


At its core, it's about a company's reputation as a place to work. In other words, the employer brand is how people perceive the company's values ​​and work environment. Therefore, employer branding is everything a company does to promote its presence as an employer among current and prospective employees.


Employer branding can be affected by things that are not directly within the control of company management. For example:


  • When the candidate was mistreated during an interview with company X, he or they left negative reviews online.


  • Employees who are happy with the benefits they get at the company, they also share positive experiences with friends and family.


From the two simple examples above, it can be seen that employer branding can be formed by routine work activities. Basically, employer branding is formed from the way you promote your company to job seekers and the way you treat employees who are currently working.

These are the Important Benefits of an Employer Branding Strategy


  • Strengthening the Company's Vision, Mission and Values

It will be very helpful to identify what your business needs are in order to understand the capacity you need to meet those goals.


  • Building a Strong Corporate Culture

Corporate culture and employer branding are two things that are interrelated. There needs to be communication about the values ​​that are believed and upheld by the company, so that it can create a positive and inclusive work environment.


  • Increase Employee Motivation

Employees who work in companies with strong branding are generally more enthusiastic and motivated. Of course, having motivated employees is great for employers because they are more productive. More productivity means more growth for the business.


  • Get Potential Candidates Faster

For example, if you have succeeded in building a well-known brand, you don't need to pay more for recruitment. Potential candidates will quickly find you and apply for the position you offer.


Employer branding plays a very important role in enhancing the company's reputation in the eyes of the public. This is the responsibility of the leadership, HR, and also the marketing team. However, all employees also play a role in implementing the company's branding strategy.

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