People vs Technology
27 Mar 2022

People vs Technology

More and more businesses today are competing on the kind of technology they use. The purpose is obviously to enhance the performance of the company as a whole and that technology should uberize most of the processes in the business in order to be more efficient. Quality and speed are two main focus of improvement in most cases. Does this mean the technology should replace the people?

In the race of adopting technology, some companies may falsely think that the people will be replaced by it and that’s how businesses become more advanced. While without realizing, to run these next level of business model, they also need more competent and more skilled workers. People often forget that the need for recruiting the best people has to still be top priority, not only to recruit but also to retain the best ones is more important. Companies who win the competition are mostly those who have the best people on board, the best people to run their team, the best people to run their technology, the best people to implement the best strategy, and the best people to run their businesses. Therefore don’t let your directions and priorities of recruiting and retaining best talent be disrupted by technology, instead it should be enhanced and maintained as your tech grows. I purposely put the title as People Versus Technology on this article, to see if readers would agree on this, as I would like to bring back the idea that it should be People And Technology and not versus. When you focus on one of the two, it only replaces the function of the other one, but when you focus on both, then it boosts the whole business.

When talking about recruiting and retaining employees, it also depends on the kind of technology we use, some people who might feel challenged and disrupted by the implementation of advanced technology in the company, may decide to leave or may not show their utmost potential due to discouragement in the process. Others who feel that this is easier for them may stay or become encouraged to perform better. The challenge for HR and Business Owners often comes on balancing this development among the two kind of people in one organization. Nevertheless, careful analysis and not so fast movements as well as continuous learning sessions could help serve the both and save the team. 

There are also companies who have implemented reverse training, meaning the junior and younger ones now train the senior and older ones on the special matters such as social media, graphic design, videos and other internet advancement as the juniors are more expert. You could have a different of solving this, but the idea is not to forget to develop your people when developing every other thing

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