Less Productive Millennial Employees? Here's How to Overcome It
10 Apr 2023

Less Productive Millennial Employees? Here's How to Overcome It

It turns out, how to increase productivity for everyone is different. Because every generation has different motivations. Young millennial employees generally have a different mindset compared to their predecessor generations.

The uniqueness of the millennial generation compared to previous generations is due to their exposure to technology and information on the internet which is growing rapidly. Because of that technology, productivity increases. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, it was found that 93% of millennial respondents believe that productivity can be the key to happiness.

What to do if millennial generation employees are less productive?


What Must Be Done To Make Millennial Employees Productive


  • Millennial Employees Dare to Experiment

Some of them find new interests, while others still do not know their greatest interests and talents. What the company's HR must do when facing millennials who are still trying is to facilitate self-development, or provide challenging tasks that can grow their creative power.


  • Equip with Entrepreneur Skills

Millennial employees are excited by opportunities for growth. They also have no problem with small workplaces, as long as there is something to learn. The millennial generation likes space for expression and types of work that are not too attached. That doesn't mean they aren't disciplined, but they have a future orientation to be able to independently become entrepreneurs according to their interests.


  • Creating Flexible Working Hours for Millennial Employees

The millennial generation likes flexible working hours and remote working systems. It's not about flexible scheduling and working remotely, but about understanding that everyone has priorities outside of work. It's about understanding that the company you work for cares about issues like family, health, and personal life. When employees are cared for, they feel more valued or appreciated.


  • Give Positive Feedback

In addition to flexible working hours, for millennial generation employees, positive feedback is something they really like. For companies, this is the best way to engage and retain potential millennial employees.


  • Paying Attention to Employee Mental Health

Health here is physical and mental. As important as maintaining physical health, it turns out that mental health is just as important. One of the disturbances for millennial mental health due to work is a symptom of burnout as disclosed by WHO (World Health Organization).


Millennial employees actually have unique characteristics in carrying out their work. This is not only about millennials, but about humans in general. Because everyone needs to feel valued, acknowledged, trusted, and considered important. If companies can meet their needs, then the HR division will have no problem attracting and retaining the best human resources.


Employees and companies basically need each other, and all activities are rolling processes with clear goals. To keep millennial employees productive, companies need to make several approaches that match their personal values.

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