Interviewing Through the Holidays: Best Practices  for December Recruitment
20 Des 2023

Interviewing Through the Holidays: Best Practices for December Recruitment

The holiday season brings joy, celebration, and a unique set of challenges for both job seekers and recruiters. Navigating interviews during December requires a delicate balance between professionalism and the festive spirit. In this article, we explore best practices for conducting interviews through the holidays to ensure a positive experience for both candidates and hiring teams.

1. Flexibility is Key:

December often comes with a flurry of holiday activities and family commitments. Recognize the need for flexibility in scheduling interviews. Offer options such as early mornings, late afternoons, or virtual interviews to accommodate candidates' holiday obligations.

2. Set Clear Expectations:

Transparency is crucial during the interview process. Clearly communicate the timeline of the hiring process, especially if there might be delays due to the holiday season. Manage candidates' expectations regarding when they can expect feedback or the next steps in the recruitment process.

3. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere:

Infuse a touch of warmth into the interview process. Begin the conversation with a friendly greeting and a brief acknowledgment of the holiday season. This not only creates a positive atmosphere but also shows candidates that your company values a healthy work-life balance.

4. Utilize Video Interviews:

With the rise of remote work, video interviews have become a staple in the recruitment process. Leverage video platforms to conduct interviews, allowing candidates to participate from the comfort of their homes. Video interviews also offer the advantage of assessing a candidate's adaptability to virtual collaboration.

5. Highlight Company Culture:

The holidays present an excellent opportunity to showcase your company culture. Share stories of how the team celebrates together or engages in charitable activities during this season. Illustrate the inclusive and vibrant environment candidates can expect if they join your organization.

6. Be Mindful of Cultural Sensitivities:

December is marked by diverse cultural and religious celebrations. Be sensitive to candidates' backgrounds and avoid assumptions about their holiday preferences. Ensure that your interview process is inclusive and respects the diversity of your candidate pool.

7. Prepare for Potential Distractions:

Interviewing during the holidays may involve navigating potential distractions for both candidates and interviewers. Encourage open communication about any challenges and be understanding if unforeseen interruptions occur. This fosters a supportive and empathetic approach to the interview process.

8. Follow-Up Promptly:

Holiday schedules can be hectic, and candidates may be juggling multiple job opportunities. Demonstrate your commitment to a timely process by promptly following up with candidates after interviews. This helps maintain their enthusiasm and engagement in the recruitment process.

Interviewing through the holidays requires a thoughtful and adaptable approach. By embracing flexibility, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and demonstrating cultural sensitivity, recruiters can navigate December recruitment with success. Balancing professionalism and the festive spirit ensures that both candidates and hiring teams end the year on a positive note, setting the stage for a promising new beginning in the coming year.


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